Dodgeball as a school sport

Great anaerobic exercise
Stress relief
Increases hand-eye co-ordination
Improves agility and balance
Strength training
Promotes weightloss

Dodgeball South Africa are the originators of dodgeball in South Africa.

We are a thrilling, inclusive and social sports movement, aimed at uniting diversity and enhancing lives, one ball at a time.

The Mission we have for our School Clubs is to provide all schools within the whole of South Africa the
opportunity to develop young individuals in the game of dodgeball, through implementing discipline and
team coordination in an approachable and enjoyable manner.

There is very minimal required to run dodgeball as a sport at your school. The only requirements are the
venue, balls and coach. The coach can also double as the referee as in most sports. Training, paperwork
and guidelines required for club set up are provided.

All children that take part in this sport will be required to register with Dodgeball South Africa. Once
registered they will be recognized and affiliated to Dodgeball South Africa as well as the South African
Dodgeball Association who are affiliated to the World Dodgeball Association. Dodgeball South Africa will
be hosting regular competitive tournaments and events for schools and players to compete within. These
competitions will be aimed at individual growth and healthy competition.

Schools may choose to provide dodgeball as a seasonal sport (to run alongside the cricket or hockey
seasons); as a sport for the entirety of the year (should be played indoors during winter weather); or should
the school not have the capacity to accommodate dodgeball they have an option to be affiliated to a
dodgeball club or academy in the area.

When implementing dodgeball at your school, choose between 3 operational models designed to meet your
schools requirements and budget:

Option 1: DBSA Coach
Dodgeball South Africa provides a trained coach for the agreed period. We suggest that training sessions
are 1.5hrs in length either once or twice per week.
Financial Obligations:
● Dodgeball South Africa Coach - R170/hr
● 10 x Dodgeballs @ R240 per ball

Option 2: School Coach
Dodgeball South Africa train up a member of staff to take on the role as a dodgeball coach.
Financial Obligations:
● Dodgeball South Africa Coach Course: R1000 once-off (Annual refreshers + update course
● 10 x Dodgeballs @ R240 per ball
Note: Option 2 is only available for selected schools by request based on financial and/or geographical

Option 3: Private Model
The school offers the sport in a Private Capacity. Here students enrol and parents pay Dodgeball South
Africa directly. Dodgeball South Africa provides the trained coach, all the equipment and handles the
financial admin. 10% of all fees collected go directly to the school for support and for use of the facilities.
Financial Obligations:
● There are NO financial obligations for the school as DBSA provide the referee and equipment
● Ongoing income will be generated for the school based on adoption rate

Benefits of dodgeball for players:

Dodgeball gives you a great overall workout and improves hand-eye coordination, core strength and focus.

Anaerobic exercise: The short bursts of sprinting involved can improve cardiovascular health by lowering
blood pressure and pulse, improving circulation and burning calories. This creates a form of interval
training, with players running for brief periods of time. According to "High Intensity Interval Training,"
running intervals can offer a temporary boost to the metabolism while improving muscle strength and

Agility and balance: Players running across a court don’t just run; they also have to dodge balls. This can
improve agility as players adjust their bodies at a rapid pace. It can also help players improve their balance.
Avoiding the ball gives you a good cardio exercise.

Strength Training: A standard dodgeball court is 9 meters across, and players must throw large balls a
Stress reliever: You can feel a bad day slip away bit by bit with every throw. Also, it’s fun! Laughter is the
best stress reliever, so get on the court, have fun and laugh out loud.

Develops fast reflexes: Dodging a flying ball coming straight at you takes some really fast reflex skills.
Working on your reflexive skills can be beneficial while practicing other sports as well.
Builds teamwork: Working with your team to take down the opponents is a great way to not only learn and
work with others, but to also gain leadership skills.

Fun and uplifting: Dodgeball is also a fun way to meet new people or just enjoy a day of fun with
friends and family. It creates an environment in which children are provided with an opportunity for easy

Why dodgeball for your school?
This is a unique co-ed sport allowing for a male, female and mixed gender teams. A specific fitness level or
skillset is not required, making dodgeball an extremely inclusive sport appealing to all types of children.
Children may find that they are good at dodging, catching, throwing, or leading and being the voice of a

Dodgeball is a fast becoming one of the most popular new sports around the world and is constantly
growing with Olympic potential. By including dodgeball within your school, you will be offering a new,
exciting and dynamic sport with growth potential in not only South Africa, but also the world. We believe
that dodgeball will add tremendous value to your school and especially to the learners partaking in it. We
at Dodgeball South Africa are committed to growing the sport within South Africa and therefore will prioritize
support to schools to ensure maximum benefits for all are achieved.

Affiliations and more on DBSA:
The World Dodgeball Association is currently working across 6 continents in partnership with 4 continental
governing bodies representing Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America along with 53 nations.
“We recognise that each country has their own dodgeball traditions. We respect those traditions and in that
spirit, we are working with our member nations to create a game that truly represents our global

Dodgeball South Africa is affiliated and certified by the WDA. As a result, all clubs started through
Dodgeball South Africa will be recognised by the WDA.
Dodgeball has been awarded observer status by the Olympic Commissions Body. This means that they are
looking to possibly have dodgeball as an Olympic sport in the 2020 Olympics. Furthermore, South Africa,
Cape Town will be hosting the 2019 African Cup of Nations Dodgeball Championships. South Africa took part in Dodgeball on an international level for the first time at the African Cup of Nations
in August of 2017.

Frequently asked questions:
1) Does the ball hurt when it hits you?
It might hurt upon impact but the slight pain dissipates quickly and there is no scaring or bruising.
2) What kind of balls are used
We use a 6 and 7 inch cloth balls
3) How heavy are the balls?
The balls are rather light and have been designed to be thrown at people.
4) Is it a contact sport?
Dodgeball is not a contact sport.
5) Do I need to be fit?
Dodgeball can be played by anyone regardless of fitness levels, gender, or age.
6) How many players are on a court?
The game is played with 6 players on a team per side.
7) How many balls do you play with?
5 balls should be present on the court during a dodgeball game.
8) What are the 5 D’s of dodgeball?
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge again.