How it works

Dodgeball normally consists of 6 people per team which includes at least 2 members of the opposite sex players for each side (obliviously not applicable to single sex events). There are 6 balls, 2 of them are smaller which only the female players can throw. This helps create a level playing field where guys and girls can truly compete against each other.

If you hit someone with a throw, they are out. If they hit you, you are out. If you catch a throw you get a player back in and the thrower is out – a double swing! Headshots don’t count, and there are certain penalties for this.

Each set is normally around 3 minutes long, and the team with the most players left at this time wins the set (if they haven’t got their opponents out already). We have fun variations of the above depending on the event, and we can tailor the format to fit your needs.