We have tried to imagine all the questions one may have about Dodgeball. However if you do have more questions, please Contact Us so we can add it the list.


What Is Dodgeball?
Dodgeball is a fun, mixed sport where two teams throw balls at their opponents from different sides of the field, who have to then dodge or catch them! If you have seen the film you know what we mean, if you haven’t then you really are missing out!

Who Can Play?
At Dodgeball SA we happily allow anyone over the age of 18 to enter tournaments.  We also do birthday parties or can organize under 18 tournaments with parent supervision.  One of the best things about dodgeball is that everyone starts on a level playing field. Unlike netball, football and other established sports, nobody has a pre-conceived idea of their own and others’ ability. Also, if one team is stronger than the other you can still have a really good game and play with a real mix of ability on the same team. We have a fairly even number of guys and girls who play dodgeball, and certainly a vast array of sizes, sporting prowess and dodgy haircuts! You need a sense of humour and a willingness to banter.

Do The Balls Hurt?
Noooo! Well put it this way, they are nowhere near as hard as the balls on the film and are nice and user-friendly. We use official Dodgeball SA balls, imported from the UK, which are designed to allow for good throwing but also to not injure players! You can get some good speed on them but they are quite light and don’t really hurt. There are two types of balls – the main ball is used by everyone and we also have two smaller balls which only the female players are allowed to throw. The idea of this is to make Dodgeball SA as inclusive as possible, and ensure that female players have a genuine influence on mixed games.

Head-shots are not allowed… If a guy accidentally hits a girl in the head he is sent off, if a girl hits a guy in the head we all laugh and carry on. Fair – no! Funny – yes.

How Good Do You Have To Be To Enter?
The short answer is you don't have to have ever played before. Dodgeball is a very easy game to pick up, and people haven't been playing it all their lives like with some sports, so entry is on a fairly level playing field. Dodgeball SA is the only South African dodgeball company to include the use of balls which only the female players can throw,

and this adds a different dimension to the game and makes the mixed element of it much more fun. After a couple of sessions you will pick it up really quickly, and before you know it telling all your mates you are an expert!

How And When Can We Pay For Our Event/Session?
Ah, our favourite question! You can pay via bank transfer and each event has a specific due date to be able to play. Please note we do not allow people to show up and pay on the day…if you do so you will just have to sit and see what you are missing out on

Do We Have To Wear Fancy Dress?
It's up to you if you want to wear fancy dress, team kit, or just come in any old sports gear. We give prizes for best dressed team, and it does add to the atmosphere if people dress up in our tournaments and parties