Dodgeball Team-building & Corporate Events

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The thought of workmates throwing balls at each other is guaranteed to capture their imagination and get the banter flowing, not to mention the bonding that will ensue through their efforts at trying to think of a silly team name, an even sillier costume as well working as a team to eliminate the other teams.

Dodgeball is perfect for company parties or team building days, as nobody is excluded and everyone is in the same boat! The balls are official Dodgeball SA balls and don’t hurt, so don’t worry about that either.

We cater for a minimum of 10 players right up to 250, depending on the venue, and we tailor your event to your specific needs. For smaller groups (20 or less) we recommend splitting you into teams and having a few games. For bigger groups we suggest a fun tournament. Below are our two main schedules, but you can mix and match if you would like to.

If you need catering and drinks we can organise that for you too, just let us know your requirements.

Smaller Groups

  • Run through the rules
  • Split into teams and have a few games
  • Drinks break
  • Variation games (inc. Wrong-Arm Dodgeball, British Bulldodge, Chain Gang)
  • Couple more normal games
  • Last Man Standing!

Larger Groups

  • We recommend a fun tournament
  • You tell us the team names in advance of the day itself and we will organise the schedule, with printouts on the day of the event
  • Group stages or round robin so every team gets to play plenty of dodgeball
  • Knockout stage, where each match could be your last!
  • Grand Final!
  • Prizes can include medals, pitchers of beer, bubbly and novelty awards. These are awarded to a selection of: winners, best team kit, best team name, worst team, best female player etc. You can decide how many and which prizes you want.