Dodgeball SA is proud to be the first and only full-time, professionally run dodgeball company in South Africa and have recently expanded across the country. It’s our job to make sure you have the most fun, exciting, silly and sociable time possible. All you need to do is turn up with a sense of humour and whatever kit you are brave enough to wear and we will do the rest.<!--more-->

The best thing about Dodgeball SA is that pretty much everyone can play. Guys and girls, big and small, older and younger, we even welcome Justin Bieber fans….they make great targets!

Our main objective is that we want everyone to get involved and play. Socialising, team spirit, making new connections and friends are all part of the Dodgeball SA and we provide an inclusive and ridiculously fun atmosphere for that to happen.

Our second main objective is to introduce South Africa to the exciting game that is dodgeball. We have found that many people don’t know the game or only have notions of it being a game of the strong against the weak. This couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Most of our events are mixed and we love it that way. What other sport can you genuinely play with all your friends and it still be competitive? We have a couple of rules to help make the female players’ more influential in the games, and these are meant to be helpful, promote team spirit and not be sexist!

Dodgeball is a game where honesty and honour are vital and we encourage socialising before, during and after events. Genuine lasting friendships have been made at Dodgeball SA events, and we love creating the environment for that.