Dodgeball at the Zando Cape Town 10s

What can we say about the Cape Town 10s this year that hasn’t already been said? The hype lived up to expectation this year in Cape town, the mother city. Beautiful skies all weekend long with Table Mountain and the Green point Stadium in the background as things started to become alive in the Hamiltons stadium.

Once again the inflatable Dodgeball court made an appearance, ready and set for the weekend long Tournament. It would be the first ever Dodgeball tournament at the Cape Town 10s. Betty the dodgeball could hardly contain herself.


Slowly the teams came in through the gates… Game faces on….


20 teams entered…


1 would be crowned the winner and take home the coveted Zando 10s Dodgeball Guitar- Trophy…


As the first whistle blew it was quick and exciting dodging from the beginning!

20 teams divided into 2 Pools. Each team needed to rack up points by winning a match or at least drawing. 2 teams with the highest points from each Pool would advance to the finals.

Throwbo cops were out early, a shocking result for the 7 time Dodgeball League winners.


In the Semi-Finals were: Nispe, Slumdodge Millionaires, GNC and Boys and Girls.


Tensions were rising, and the dodgeball arena was surrounded by spectators of all ages. As the sun dipped through the Cape Town skies Nispe and GNC entered the court to face each other in the finals.


Best out of 5…


Betty biting her balls,


The crowd thickened,


The tension could be sliced with a wrench!


“Nispe and GNC are you ready?!” asked the MC- Joe Emilio who hyped up the crowd.


The Referee Blows the first whistle and the teams began to Dodge, Dip, Dive and Duck….

By the end of the first round Nispe takes gain the lead,

GNC looks to retaliate but no success. Nispe’s team work gains them another point.

In the early part of the match one of Nispe’s players nearly lost a toe! Marc Slobert would bandage it up and get right back on to the court.

Nispe’s Team Captain: Nicholas Oebell takes control of his team, giving clear signals and codes leading his team to victory in the first ever Cape Town 10s Dodgeball Tournament.


Meanwhile, Betty the dodgeball is now thinking of taking up guitar lessons….

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