Dodgeball in Windhoek

For the first time ever, Betty the Dodgeball went to Windhoek, Namibia, to be part of the Rock n’ Run Festival.

We brought the dodgeball fun to Namibia in style, with the inflatable arena smack-bang in the middle of the festivities and the locals were eager to get in and play.


10 teams entered and there would be 1 winner.


As the Namibian Sun passed over the Windhoek skies the tournament began. Fast pace rounds, impressive dodging and a team in Onsies; whom soon regretted that decision, although they made it to the semi-finals.


In the finals it was team Yanks vs Team Rhodes.


Best out of 5 rounds.


While the Yanks were undefeated the entire tournament, Team Rhodes would end the streak and claim victory at the first ever Dodgeball Tournament in Windhoek. Thus ending an amazing day of Dodgeball.


Meanwhile Betty the dodgeball found her way into the VIP section

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